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The world is our home,” wrote Fr. Jerónimo Nadal, one of St. Ignatius’ closest associates, referring to the vocation of Jesuits to travel wherever they could be of help to other people. Today that phrase takes on a different meaning – that this earth, placed by God in the hands of all humanity, is a shared inheritance, given to each of us to care for. Both aspects – being available to others, and taking responsibility for what we have been given – are essential parts of the Jesuit educational tradition.
I am proud to note that the work of the Ignatian Center exemplifies that way of being in the world and strives to bring to the attention of our SCU community and beyond the riches and the challenges of sharing our common home with the peoples of this world, now and in the generations to come. Together we can ignite the flame of Jesuit spirituality in our world - here, there, and everywhere.
Rev. Dorian Llywelyn, S.J.
Executive Director


Academics and the Environment

In this latest episode of the INTEGRAL Podcast, SCU Professor and Bannan Institute Scholar, Chad Raphael, discusses the ways in which academics can effectively partner with advocacy groups, activists, and the broader community to advance the work of environmental justice. Listen and subscribe.


Sowing the Seeds of Social Justice

After working and volunteering for several years in education, Bronco Urban Garden Educator Lisa Martinez considers Arrupe Weekly Engagement to be a unique and inspiring educational endeavor. "I am privileged to witness amazing relationships form in 8 weeks, see how concepts of solidarity can play out in real life and share some amazing vegetables along the way." Learn more about Arrupe and BUG.


Expanding the Definition of Community

After graduating, Lena Eyen '17 chose to join the Jesuit Volunteer Corps to continue fostering her interest in environmental studies. She credits her immersion trip experiences in Appalachia for playing an essential role in shaping her education and postgraduate pursuits. Read Lena's story.

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