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The Bannan Institute awards grants for research, teaching, and university initiatives that engage issues of contemporary significance within the Catholic intellectual tradition and extend the Jesuit, Catholic vocation of SCU as a transformative social force.

Twenty-four grants have been awarded for the 2016-2018 Bannan Institute to advance the common good, addressing pressing racial and ethnic justice, economic justice, gender justice, and environmental justice issues facing our world today. Meet our Bannan Faculty Fellows and Bannan Institute Scholars to learn more about their grant projects and the interdisciplinary faculty collaboratives of which they are apart.

The call for proposals for dialogue and design grants, to develop faculty collaboratives and grant initiatives for 2018-2020 Bannan Institute, will be available August 2017.

Former Grant Highlights

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    Theresa Ladrigan-Whelpley
    Director of Bannan Institutes
    Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education