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Senior Leadership Forum

Similar to the Ignatian Faculty Forum, the Senior Leadership Forum invites those in senior leadership at Santa Clara University to explore Jesuit higher education and to reflect on their own calling as leaders in higher education. How can we explore what it is to be a leader and how we shape leaders?  What is our role in shaping departments, shaping curriculum, shaping the culture of the university? How do we invite colleagues to grow and reflect upon their own vocations as leaders and as persons in leadership and service?

Established in 2013, the Senior Leadership Forum is comprised of Vice Presidents, Deans and center directors at Santa Clara University. The Senior Leadership Forum provides administrators with regular opportunities to reflect on their own vocation within their work, greatly contributing to SCU’s mission as a Jesuit, Catholic institution.

Participant Quote

"The Senior Leadership Forum is a particularly effective place to contemplate and make real our shared Ignatian mission at Santa Clara.  Relationships among the deans and senior executives at Santa Clara are different and deeper because of the Forum."

-Kirk Hanson, Executive Director, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics