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  • Challenges to Jesuit Higher Education Today

    Adolfo Nicolás, S.J.

    Challenges to Jesuit Higher Education Today. Mexico City, Mexico: Networking Jesuit Higher Education: Shaping the Future for a Humane, Just, Sustainable Globe, 23 Apr. 2010.

  • Laudato Si'

    Pope Francis

    "Justice in the Global Economy Building Sustainable and Inclusive Communities." Promotio Iustitiae Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat: Task Force on the Economy, No 121, 2016.

  • Multi-faith Dialogue with Cardinal Turkson

    Cardinal Turkson

    Our Future on a Shared Planet: Silicon Valley in Conversation with the Environmental Teachings of Pope Francis. Santa Clara: Santa Clara University, 3 November 2015.

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  • Decree 5, GC 34: Interreligious Engagement

    34th General Congregation

    "Decree Five: Our Mission and Interreligious Dialogue." Documents of the Thirty-Fourth General Congregation of the Society of Jesus. Rome: Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1995.