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Thursdays in October, 5:30-6:30pm PDT

Registration now closed. 

We’re kicking off the year with a virtual opportunity for you to meet other first-year students and learn about the justice issues affecting the community around SCU’s campus. Why wait until we’re in person to meet other students and have meaningful conversations around poverty, houselessness, immigration, and racial justice? This 5-week program will feature weekly discussions based on short videos and articles exploring various justice topics. You can expect to commit about 1 hour outside of the group meeting time to read or watch content prior to meetings. We’ll also be connecting with community organizers and local leaders who will share their experiences of working for equity and justice in San Jose!  We hope you’ll join us to connect with other first-year students through a virtual exploration of the city of San Jose!


Email with any questions you may have. 


These photos below are from previous San Jose Immersions. The activities and format will be different this year but the spirit of the program remains the same.