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    Application Process 

    Applications for Summer 2020 trips are now closed.

    Selected participants for immersions will be expected to attend 4–5 pre-trip meetings and a pre-trip weekend retreat, as well as 3 post-trip meetings upon return.

    Wednesday, September 2nd - Friday, September 11th, 2020

    Cost: $2,500

    San José, Costa Rica has enjoyed a stable democracy for many years and is committed to universal education and health care. However, Costa Rica is not a utopia; the country faces a number of challenges, including environmental issues, economic concerns, and rising inequality among various societal groups. The immersion will also explore issues facing refugees in Latin America seeking refuge in Costa Rica, including those fleeing violence in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

    Participants will work with the Center for Global Education and Experience to be immersed in Costa Rica and learn about its complexities and challenges as well as its achievements. You will hear from the local people, community experts, and leaders who are striving to create a stronger and more just society. 

    In the Longo Mai community of Central American refugees, participants will do a 2-night homestay. Longo Mai is a community of coffee and sugar cane growers who will share their testimony about the Salvadoran Civil war and why their families were forced to leave their country. 



    Please note: Although this video is from CGEE's semester program, the two programs hold many similarities and the video serves as a great example of the Costa Rica immersion experience.