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“When the heart is touched by direct experience, the mind may be challenged to change. Personal involvement with innocent suffering, with the injustice others suffer, is the catalyst for solidarity which then gives rise to intellectual inquiry and moral reflection.”

- Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, Superior General, Society of Jesus 1983-2008

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

- Lilla Watson, Aboriginal elder, activist, and educator from Queensland, Australia

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New for the 2020 academic year, the Ignatian Fellowship will offer SCU undergraduates the opportunity to deepen their commitment to social justice through an entirely virtual community-based learning experience. Inspired by the Jean Donovan Fellowship and echoing the words of Fr. Kolvenbach, Ignatian Fellows will participate in a fall quarter formation experience followed by weekly virtual work (~5 hrs/week) with a non-profit organization. Concurrent with their service work Fellows will participate in a twice-monthly reflective discussion group and 1-1 meetings with program director, as needed. Central to the Ignatian Fellowship are the learning objectives for Fellows outlined below and hope that Fellows will be able to offer some meaningful support to community-based organizations over this academic year. 

Ignatian Fellowship Learning Objectives

  1. Cultivate a greater understanding of the assets and challenges facing the community in which the Fellow works.
  2. Grow in commitment to specific key virtues of solidarity, compassion, and humility. 
  3. Develop a broader and deepening understanding of personal vocation.
  4. Develop a deepened spiritual life.

Daniel Antillon

Class of 2021 | Psychology & English
Action Aliance International
Euless, TX & Guatemala


"During my fellowship, I hope to pay it forward and be of service to the community."


Afton Burrell

Class of 2021 | Biology
A Step Ahead Foundation
Memphis, TN


"I've always believed that standing in solidarity with others, truly understanding others, is nearly impossible if we cannot understand ourselves. And that starts with our own bodies."

Alexander Castro

Class of 2022 | Public Health Science
The Health Trust
San Jose, CA


"My goal for this fellowship is to establish a long-term relationship with the organization that I am voluniteering with while positively impacting underserved communities utilizing my knowledge and experience in Public Health ."

Anthony Chen

Class of 2022 | Computer Science
To Be Determined


“During my fellowship, I want to learn more and utilize my skills to help the community around me.”

Katherine Chen

Class of 2022 | Public Health
Air to All
Santa Rosa, CA


“One of my goals for this fellowship is to better understand and serve the mental health needs of my community.”


Joycelyn George

Class of 2021 | Marketing
Oasis for Girls
San Francisco, CA


"During my fellowship with Oasis for Girls, my goal is to become an ally for this community, and to provide the organization with the help they need to continue to support girls in their career and personal development."

Hope Olbricht

Class of 2022 | Biology & Public Health
The Food Trust
Philadelphia, PA


“My goal for the fellowship is to contribute to the formation of a healthier environment for a community disproportionately impacted by obesity, through listening, learning from, and collaboratively working with the community.”


Alisa Orlowsky

Class of 2021 | Philosophy
Katherine and George Alexander Community Law Center
San Jose, CA


“As a pre-law student, I am hoping to gain familiarity with community-based legal advocacy organizations, learn about legal advocacy work, and better understand how to support and empower underserved populations in the community.”

Kate Rickwa

Class of 2024 | Public Health
Bronco Urban Gardens
Santa Clara, CA


“In addition to breaking out of the SCU bubble and connecting on a personal level with the local San Jose community, I am hoping to become more conscious about what social issues continue to persist in the local area and expand my scope about what my life might look like after graduation.”


Omar Medina Ronquillo

Class of 2023 | Communications & Spanish
Bronco Urban Garden
Santa Clara, CA
“What is inspiring me to be a Fellow is the ability to be able to give back to communities that have helped me get to where I am today as a college student.”

Karla Santos

Class of 2024 | Sociology
Bay Area Children’s Association
San Jose & Berkeley, CA


“I am super excited to engage with my community and work towards creating the greater change we need to see in the world, today.”


Alexis Takagi

Class of 2022 | Communication
Northern California Innocence Project
Santa Clara, CA


“Through my time as an Ignatian Fellow, I am looking forward to empowering communities and connecting with my fellow Broncos with this inspiring shared experience.”

Adele Velastegui

Class of 2022 | Political Science
Immigration Institute of the Bay Area
Bay Area, CA


“My passion for social justice and interest in maximizing equity and opportunity for the underrepresented in today’s rapidly evolving economic and political climates has inspired me to pursue this fellowship and use my voice to amplify that of others.”


Kimberly Wood

Class of 2024 | Political Science & Dance
UTurn & other projects to address climate justice from a family/child perspective
Santa Clara, CA


“I am inspired for this fellowship opportunity because I truly hope to be a source of hopefulness for others in these challenging times by listening, learning and growing.”