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Kenya & Tanzania

Saturday, August 31 - Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Cost: $3,500

(Cost breakdown: Flight=40%, Safari = 40%, Food, lodging, and other activities 20%)

From the city slums of Nairobi to the rural villages of Tanzania, this immersion centers around meeting the people of East Africa and listening to stories of hope and challenge. Through conversations and visits to schools and clinics, participants will explore the cultural, religious, economic, and political realities of Kenya and Tanzania. As we partner with Maryknoll missionaries, we will learn more about the people in Kenya and Tanzania and explore how we are linked to the people of East Africa in the bonds of global solidarity.

Featuring a safari park trip to Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, this trip begins and ends in Nairobi with van trip to Tanzania with stops in Arusha, Mwanza, and Musoma.

A few of the other sites the group will visit include:

Smart FIT Tanzania (Water Project) - Started by a local Tanzanian, this organization designs, develops and deploys self-operated water purification and vending machines to enable communities in sub-Saharan Africa with easy access to clean and safe drinking water at an affordable cost.

Ukweli Home of Hope - This organization aims to create home-like accommodations for “street boys” by creating a family-like atmosphere and providing access to education.

Lake House of Prayer - A place free of distractions and noise to enable the guest to detach from the regular ‘noise’ of everyday life to rest in mind and spirit. 

    Application Process 

    Applications for Summer 2020 trips are now closed.

    Selected participants for immersions will be expected to attend 4–5 pre-trip meetings and a pre-trip weekend retreat, as well as 3 post-trip meetings upon return.