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New Orleans Immersion

"This immersion reminded me of both the light and the darkness that exists in the world, but to see people turn tragedy into art gives me hope. It taught me to continue fighting for what I think is right and to be a light for others." -Ashley Rosas

Sunday, March 21 - Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cost $50 (financial aid and ELSJ core credit available)


This 5-day virtual experience will focus on the legacies of racism with a particular focus on Katrina, histories of enslavement, and connections to current social movements for racial justice. We’ll meet with educators, activists, and musicians to share in conversation, music, and personal testimony. Together we will grapple with America's painful past AND present, in an effort to advance the work of racial justice. 


Time commitment and expectation:

We ask that participants dedicate the entire week of March 21-25 to this experience, just like you would an in-person immersion. Outside of our time together on Zoom, we will incorporate media resources (articles, podcasts, videos) as well as independent reflection prompts in order to make the experience as fruitful as possible.

That being said, we plan to limit our Zoom time to ~6 hours/day. These 6 hours will be broken down into 3 daily sessions. 2 hrs in the morning, 2 hrs in the afternoon, and 2 hrs in the evening. The daytime sessions will consist of live and pre-recorded sessions with our host organizations, while the evenings will be centered around reflection on the day's activities. Our expectation is that you will be present at every session and engage fully in the entirety of the process.

Please note that applicants must be available Monday nights from 5:30-6:30 starting February 8th for our preparation meetings. These meetings will allow you to get to know your group and learn more about the communities you'll be connecting with during the immersion.