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Winter Break Immersion Experiences

Seventy SCU students winter break on immersion trips in Arizona Border, Cholula (Mexico) Los Angeles, New Orleans, Navajo Nation, Oakland, and San Francisco. Hosted by community-based organizations students are able to enter into these communities as learners. The experiences are short, but intensive and students return to campus with knowledge of real challenges faced by communities and a desire to do something meaningful. Keep an eye out for social actions projects that will connect the SCU campus with most pressing issues faced in these North American communities.


Being of Mexican descent, this trip provided me with a fantastic way to explore my identity. I feel as though I found a piece of myself that I had been unconsciously searching for throughout my entire life. Engaging with the local community of San Jerónimo Tecuanipan was an eye opening experience to poverty and wealth inequality. I highly recommend this Immersion trip to anyone looking to expand their horizons to something much, much beyond the Santa Clara University bubble. - Manuel Sanchez


The Cholula immersion was an experience full of vibrancy and color. We became a part of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Puebla and of the families in which we were adopted into. It was an experience full of new discoveries about a different culture as well as new discoveries about ourselves. - Sammi Bennett