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Current Programs

Current Programs

Thriving Neighbors Programs

Our programs connect Santa Clara University faculty, staff, and students with Greater Washington residents, businesses, community leaders, and organizations to build local capacity for entrepreneurship, expanded educational choice, healthy living, and more. If you are an SCU faculty member or part of our local community and want to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.


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Education Programs

Early Childhood



  • TN brings middle school students to SCU campus for a day of events. We also collaborate with a local middle school’s campus ministry by providing an Ignatian Spirituality training.
  • The LEAD Scholars Program, a program that supports SCU first-generation students, curated a college-readiness program for students and parents from the Greater Washington community. 
  • The Finding Kids Report is a research study conducted in conjunction with community members. The effort was to find students’ academic needs in the pursuit of higher education. From this research, we will be better able to support the community.

High School

  • We host college-readiness camps where students create a portfolio compiled of critical information of best practices for college entrance exams, how to write an effective Personal Statement, how to ask for letters of recommendation, and how to create a resume. Through the camp, we also hope to encourage and support students’ self-confidence and self-efficacy.
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Engaged Ecosystems

Self-Sustaining Programs

Retired Programs