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Who's Involved:

SCU Faculty/Staff:

  • Lisa Martinez - BUG Editor
  • Adriana Meza-Gutierrez: Thriving Neighbors Program Director
  • Lisa Martinez: Bug Educator

Community Members and Co-authors:

  • Maria Claudio

SCU Student Contributor:


Hours of Engagement:

1450.75 (2018-2019)




Bronco Urban Gardens

SCU faculty and students work with two community gardening initiatives to develop, implement and evaluate food security programming for the Greater Washington community. We support Garden Lab and the Garden Club at Washington Elementary School and Gardener Academy.

During the Garden Lab, SCU students, faculty, staff, and community members work with elementary school students to discover a garden through exploration and investigation. Students complete weekly scientific observations and journals and develop scientific vocabulary. 

The Garden Club works with subsidized after-school care and helps teach community members and their children to develop and care for their school’s garden. SCU students support the club through courses in collaboration with the program. Community members are encouraged to enjoy the fruits and vegetables grown.