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Who's Involved:

SCU Faculty/Staff:

  • Pedro Hernández-Ramos
  • Adriana Meza-Gutierrez: Thriving Neighbors Program Director

Community Members and Co-authors:

  • Patricia Lozano
  • Nereida Enriquez

SCU Student Contributor:

  • Carlos Torres Garcia
  • Randi Hathaway
  • Rebecca Cohen
  • Katelyn Coburn

Hours of Engagement:

657 hours (2018-2019)



Early Childhood

iPad Tutoring Program

Graduate School of Education Fellows work with professor Pedro Hernandez-Ramos to provide tutoring lessons for parents who tutor their own children using iPads. This program serves Kindergarten and 1st grade students.

The iPad Tutoring Program, also known as "Abriendo Puertas" (Opening Doors), is a collaborative effort of faculty and graduate students in the department of Education at Santa Clara University, and community parents to promote literacy development of young learners and better prepare them for school expectations using iPad technology. The project involves sessions over 3 months where parents are introduced to new approaches in utilizing technology to build the numeracy and literacy of children between the ages of 3-5. Parents are familiarized with the use of Spanish Applications (Apps) on iPads to strengthen both language and math skills throughout joint sessions alongside researchers and faculty. Together they review and identify the best Apps that could help the development in Spanish literacy for young learners. The goal is that parents feel empowered to be co-educators in supporting the school readiness of their children through the use of technology at home.