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Hours of enrichment in 2018-2019 after-school program

Pathway to Prosperity

Family Wellness Incubator

Legal Workshop Series

Faculty and students from the Alexander Law Center provide legal workshops for Washington residents on workers and tenants rights as well as tax preparation and other legal matters.

In partnership with the Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center, TNI offers a number of workshops in the areas of Workers’ Rights and Landlord Tenant Rights. These workshops are given in the Greater Washington Community as a way to disseminate basic legal information to the community.

Among the many Workers’ Rights issues covered in our workshops, some issues that participants learn about are: discrimination at the workplace, sexual harassment, basic rights as an employee, and where and how to file a complaint related to any of the issues above.

The Landlord and Tenant Rights workshops offer the community a better understanding types of landlord/tenant disputes, limitations on rent increases, and the rights of tenants;landlords.

We are currently working on offering workshops in the areas of Consumer Rights, Debtor Rights, Immigration, and Tax.