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Mindful Schools Project

SCU faculty and students will work with staff from Sacred Heart Community Service education department to develop, implement and evaluate a six-week mindfulness curriculum for 1st-8th graders participating in the after school program.

The Mindful Schools Project seeks to enhance community health and wellness to foster personal and professional leadership both on campus and in the Greater Washington neighborhood. Through collaboration of faculty, undergraduate students in Liberal Studies/Child Studies, Sacred Heart Community Services (SHCS) staff, and an educational non-profit, Restore: Carry the Vision, SCU students and SHCS staff work to co-develop and teach lessons around applied mindfulness and stress reduction to students in grades 1-8 during their after school enrichment program. Together, students can practice “cultivating the self” and developing the qualities inherent in mindful leadership: self-awareness; trust building; authenticity; connecting to purpose and passion; responding not reacting; dealing generatively with conflict; centering; listening; seeing the child as a whole; becoming aware of personal (and possibly limiting) tendencies and beliefs regarding self and other; managing stress; and practicing a beginner’s mind, growth mindset in order to develop their resilience.