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Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative

The Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative provides opportunities for students to contribute to, and learn from, businesses, individuals and organizations in low income neighborhoods in the San Jose area around issues of economic prosperity.


The Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative is a program facilitated by the Leavey School of Business in order to provide opportunities for SCU undergraduate students to connect with local businesses in the Greater Washington neighborhood for mutual benefits.

The goals of NPI are:

  1. Hands on, community-based learning
    Use skills acquired in accounting, marketing, and management courses to contribute to prosperity in low income neighborhoods. Through these experiences you will develop new perspectives on social justice and community engagement, and how you can incorporate these into your life during and after your SCU program.
  2. Collaboration with community partners
    With your contribution of time, energy, knowledge and creativity, you help our community partners in activities that foster economic prosperity for individuals, organizations and businesses in low income neighborhoods in San Jose. Meet our community partners