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Community Assessment

SCU faculty in collaboration with students and community members are designing and implementing an annual community assessment to assess progress towards Thriving Neighbors' goals.

TNI is in the midst of a massive community assessment project involving six SCU faculty members, six courses, more than 100 SCU students, and more than 200 community participants. The assessment incorporates analysis of US Census data, a physical survey of the Washington neighborhood, a family health survey, and an education survey. This massive undertaking is a key step to support planning for TNI and to measure programmatic success.

Several SCU faculty members are taking lead on this extensive project: Faculty Fellow Dr. Barbara Burns, Chair of the Liberal Studies/Child Studies Program; Faculty Fellow Laura Chyu of the Public Health Program; and Faculty Grantee Laura Nichols of the Department of Sociology. The assessment will conclude with a multi-variate analysis of the quantitative data and qualitative data collection.

In addition to the community assessment, in collaboration with their colleagues in Public Health, Liberal Studies and Sociology, the Fellows are designing courses and community-based learning placements that support the goals and objectives of TNI.