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Is Facebook the New Rorschach?

By Thomas Plante
You all have likely heard about the Rorschach, the famous inkblot test used by psychologists for nearly a century to access personality and...
    Person holding a phone with the Uber app openImage link to full article

    On Steroids: Uber's Wild Psychological Ride

    By Hersh Shefrin
    Uber dramatically disrupted the global taxi industry in less than a decade. Now, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler has disrupted Uber by blogging about being...
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    Man standing in a business suit on the sidewalk in front of a storefront at nightImage link to full article

    Entrepreneurs Innovating Workforce Development

    By Drew Starbird MBA '84
    When we talk about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, we usually mean those innovative firms that are turning new technology...
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    Solar eclipseImage link to full article

    Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Everything You Need to Know

    By Phil Kesten
    The sun, Earth, and the moon all stay essentially on one, flat “surface” in space. That means the moon can sometimes move into a position directly between...
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    Dusk shot of the San Francisco sky-scape featuring an illuminated Coit Tower and Alcatraz in the distanceImage link to full article

    Top 5 Bay Area Companies with the Most SCU Alumni

    By Dean Ku M.A. '09
    According to LinkedIn, the top five employers of SCU alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area are (in descending order), Cisco, Apple, Google, Oracle, and...
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    Man lifting weights at an outdoor beach-side gym at sunsetImage link to full article

    How Can You Enjoy Exercise More?

    By Thomas Plante
    We all know that exercise is good for our physical and mental health and well-being, but it is so difficult for most well- intended people to sustain a healthy...
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    Open umbrella covered in rain dropsImage link to full article

    Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away

    By Phil Kesten
    In general, weather events are predictable, and their effects immediately known. The path of a hurricane before hitting land, for example, is studied days in...
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    Newspaper next to phone and cup of coffeeImage link to full article

    How to Use Facebook as a Powerful and Safe News Source

    By Kurt Wagner '12
    Facebook can be a great place to catch up on news, which is why two-thirds of the site’s U.S. users claim they get their news fix or at least scan the headlines...
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    Bible next to a mason jar holding a plantImage link to full article

    Religion and Politics: The Next Round

    By Michael McCarthy, S.J. '87, M.Div. '97
    A recent article by Laurie Goodstein in the Sunday edition of the New York Times (June 10, 2017) observes a new turn in the storied history of religion...
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    Young adult woman laying by the water reading a bookImage link to full article

    Being Mindful That God Invites Us to Rest

    By Christopher Wemp '12, M.A. '15
    I’ve been tired lately. Between my regular job, grad classes, and parish music ministry, there hasn’t been much time for slowing down or even reflecting on...
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