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Do You Use Shopping or the Internet to Escape Stress?

By Diane Dreher
Research points to hardiness as a more effective way to deal with challenges.
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Will the Catholic Church Self-Destruct or Bridge the Partisan Divide?

By Thomas Reese, S.J.
American Catholics are almost evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, which means the church can either self-destruct or bridge the partisan divide.
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The Physics of Surfing

By Phil Kesten
Like so many areas of life, the art and sport of surfing takes practice–and some basic knowledge of physics doesn’t hurt, either.
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Historic photo of Armenian woman kneeling in a battllefield with two daughters.Image link to full article

The Scars of Generational Trauma

By Jerry Burger
How long is the shadow of genocide? It’s the question Jerry Burger grapples with in his new novel, The Shadows of 1915.
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California Ends Hair Discrimination

By Danielle Morgan
California just banned workplace and public school dress codes and grooming policies that discriminate against anyone based on their hairstyle.
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Psychology Plays Key Role in Climate Change Debate

By Hersh Shefrin
As the U.S. presidential campaign season intensifies, the issue of climate change will heat up. Psychology will play an important part in this debate.
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Photo of Ben Franklin's face on $100 bill-3Image link to full article

Happiness for Sale

By David Feldman
Research shows our obsession with money may run deeper than you think.
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Right To Vote Didn't Lead To Gender Equality

By Nancy Unger
As America gears up for next year's 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, we look at how the fight for gender equality has evolved since then.
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Find Your Voice During National Poetry Month

By Kirk Glaser
April is National Poetry Month, but for Santa Clara University’s Kirk Glaser, every day is a celebration of poetry and creative writing.
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