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Photo of Junipero Serra statue on SCU campus.Image link to full article

Confronting A Controversial Campus Symbol

By Elizabeth Drescher
How do students learn to reckon with Santa Clara's complicated Mission history?
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Archival photo of women suffragettes Image link to full article

Celebrating Centennial of Women's Right To Vote

By Nancy Unger
Tuesday marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. We look at this milestone of democracy and how gender equality has evolved since then.
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Photo of a Safeway store signImage link to full article


By Elsie Wolfe
Lessons from Safeway on adapting and innovating during COVID-19, while maintaining shoppers’ loyalty.
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College of Arts and Sciences at Vari HallImage link to full article


By Daniel Press
Daniel Press' advice to Santa Clara University students: Hustle for opportunities—and be willing to be a little uncomfortable.
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New York City police officer and nun, Image link to full article

The Road to Police Reform

By W. David Ball
Meaningful police reform will happen only when citizens demand it from their locally elected leaders.
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Photograph of white Volvo semi-trucks on side of the road.Image link to full article

Managing the Supply Chain Strain

By Naren Agrawal
What supply chain managers can learn from the COVID-19 disruptions.
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Photo of a clothing rack with colorful plaid men's shirts in a store.Image link to full article

Rethinking Retail Post Covid-19

By Kirthi Kalyanam
For many brick-and-mortar stores lacking a robust online component, the mandated shut-down of their businesses has accelerated a “survival of the fittest” scenario.
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Photo of President Lincoln wearing a surgical mask on a $5 bill Image link to full article

The Economic Tsunami of COVID-19

By Alexander Field
Macroeconomics is not an experimental science; we learn from the experiments given to us by history. The COVID-19 pandemic is a defining macroeconomic event of this century.
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