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Photo of Brigit Helms, Executive Director of Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship
Brigit Helms, Executive Director, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Brigit Helms

Helms is the author of Access for All: Building Inclusive Economic Systems (2018), and has published papers and bylined articles in publications including the MIT Technology Review, The Guardian, the Journal of Microfinance, and The Huffington Post. She is a board member at the AlphaMundi Foundation, which seeks to boost the social and environmental impact of portfolio companies of impact investor AlphaMundi Group. She is also on the board of the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee USA, which works to empower the poor in 11 countries across South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Photograph of George Floyd memorial wall.

Miller Center Committed to Anti-Racism in U.S.—and Around the World

By Brigit Helms
George Floyd's death has led international development community to grapple with its own history of colonialism and racism.
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