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  • iPhone, We Need to Talk

    Please come here iPhone, I’d like to talk to you for a few minutes and share some important fatherly advice. To begin, let me tell you how proud I am...

  • A Tsunami in Lake Tahoe?

    Have you heard about the tsunami that recently hit Lake Tahoe? Really. I'm not joking. Although by "recently," I must admit that I'm using the...

  • It's Time To Cross your T!

    Here in the School of Engineering, we educate students to be "T-Shaped" engineers. This is a metaphor for having deep disciplinary...

  • Are Two Robots Better Than One?

    Robots are good at performing tasks that require strength, speed, and precision. They're also useful when jobs are dangerous or highly repetitive...

  • Give Me A Break!

    As a roboticist, I love creating new and complex engineering systems, refining their capabilities, and making them work. But believe it or not...

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