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10 Innovative Trends in 2016

We've asked the Illuminate thought leaders: "What's one innovative product, idea, trend, concept, or development that will impact your field"...
We’ve asked the Illuminate thought leaders: "What's one innovative product, idea, trend, concept, or development that will impact your field in 2016?" Check out their responses: 
  1. Effects of automated cars and drones: “2016 may well be the year in which the risks and negative effects of technologies like automated cars and drones are driven home.  At some point, there will be accidents with elevated consequences, and we will find ourselves examining how these technologies are influenced by the assignment of responsibility, liability, legal oversight, and licensing.” – Christopher Kitts, Robotics Jedi
  2. Health monitoring apps: “The health psychology field – focusing on how our thoughts, feelings, and behavior impact mental and physical health – is changing very quickly. Apps that better monitor health behaviors, new laws and policies that limit unhealthy or at-risk behaviors, and practical environmental management strategies for changing health behaviors have been paying off in a number of important areas including obesity, diabetes, exercise, child protection, and more.” – Thomas G. Plante, Health Psychologist

  3. A new Olympic TV channel: “The International Olympic Committee’s launch of a $600-million-dollar worldwide Olympic Channel to broadcast Olympic sports year-round will upend the way young people watch and engage with the Olympics. With TV viewership falling, it’s a critical move because “broadcast revenue is the major source of funding for the Olympic movement.” It already seems to be forcing change in the market (read more).” – Kelly Crowley ’99, Athletic Educator & Policy Wonk

  4. Developing the inner self: “2016 is going to be a year for focus. I've already seen meditation become as prevalent as yoga and mobile apps provide on-the-go therapy. Perhaps it's a conscious retaliation against "The Cult of Busy-ness." No matter the source, any tools designed to increase focus and develop inner self can only benefit happiness and productivity.” – Mayka Mei ’06, Startupper Turned Mouseketeer

  5. How we work: “How work gets done is changing dramatically. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is one example: 500+ engineers, designers, human resources all working virtually (generally) in exchange for equity. Some full-time, most part-time and all project based; this is a new form of organizing.” – Terri Griffith, Plugged-In Manager

  6. Online learning: “The use of online learning continues to change the landscape for lifelong learning. It opens doors and breaks down barriers to skill development. Whether this learning is in a single class, an eight-week certification, or an advanced degree, people have increased opportunities and endless possibilities for personal growth.” – Jill Klees M.A. ’95, Career Guru

  7. Quantum computing: “Physicists – and engineers – have made tantalizing progress in the field of quantum computing; the next big breakthrough may be right around the corner. Quantum computers will analyze large data sets at high speed, enabling us to do real-time language translation, make accurate medical diagnoses, and address other complex, data-driven problems.” – Phil Kesten, Physics Nerd

  8. Models for scaling social impact: “In social entrepreneurship, replication of proven models will emerge as a trend for rapidly scaling impact. Parallel growth of community-based enterprises will accelerate efforts to eradicate poverty and create resilience to climate change. More generally, collective impact of ideas and “benefit” corporations will play an increasing role in entrepreneurial thinking.” – Thane Kreiner, Global Impact Leader

  9. New discussions in digital humanities:Close reading has been a hallmark of literary analysis in higher education. Distant reading in the growing field of digital humanities promotes an innovative method that zooms out and scales up. The difference between these approaches prompts productive dialogue about the nature and purpose of literary scholarship.” – Tanya Schmidt ’12, Renaissance Explorer

  10. New uses for cloud-edited video: “Many coaches use a cloud-based video editing system to improve the technical and tactical ability of their players. I'm hoping coaches will utilize this system to also evaluate leadership development, communication effectiveness, motivation, and team culture in order to boost productivity, increase teamwork, and reach higher goals.” – Jerry Smith, Leadership/Life Skills Coach

What innovative product, idea, trend, concept, or development are you looking forward to in 2016?

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