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Career Enrichment

Congratulations! You graduated from SCU and landed your first job. It might not be your ideal job but it is a good opportunity with a solid company. You are excited and optimistic about your future and willing to do what it takes to be successful and contribute to the team. 

Now fast forward two or three years and your attitude might be a little different. Your feelings of excitement and optimism may have waned a bit. You may find yourself feeling bored, discontent, or dissatisfied with your current job situation and you may be thinking of looking around at other job opportunities. But the fix may just be in your own ability to enrich your current situation. 
Taking the initiative to enrich your career sends a powerful message to your co-workers and leadership team about your commitment to your own career development and to the organization, not to mention all of the personal benefits you will gain.
Before jumping ship, consider these career enrichment options to put a little excitement, interest, and motivation back into your job.
  1. Get involved – join a group, volunteer to lead a committee or participate in company-wide events and initiatives like fundraisers, sporting events, or staff parties. This will help you meet new people, break out of your comfort zone, and maybe even develop new skills or interests.

  2. Step-up – volunteer to take on a new project, train a new person, take on an intern, or learn a new software system and train the team.  Be open to new tasks or collaborating with people in a different part of the business. Expand your scope of work and step-up to trying something new.
  3. Update skills – take a class, an online webinar, or attend a workshop or conference. If your company offers tuition reimbursement, consider going back to school for an advanced degree, a certificate, or other short-term learning opportunity. Santa Clara University offers many opportunities for alumni to continue their education. Developing new skills can open doors and lead to new experiences. 
  4. Move laterally – if moving up in your organization is not an option, consider a lateral move inside or outside of your department or rotate jobs with a co-worker to bring a fresh perspective and rekindle your motivation.
  5. Initiate a career discussion – set-up a career planning meeting with your supervisor. Be prepared to share your ideas for enrichment and how they can benefit you and the organization. Remain open to discussing concerns your supervisor might have and brainstorming ideas you may not have considered.
So step up and be creative and open-minded when considering your enrichment options. Even a small change to your current work situation can have a big impact on your career outlook. 
Check the SCU Career Center alumni page for more resources, tips, and strategies to managing your career.

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