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Photo of Professor Kirthi Kalyanam, Executive Director, Retail Management Institute
Kirthi Kalyanam, L.J. Skaggs Professor of Marketing; Director of Retail Management Institute

Kirthi Kalyanam

Professor Kalyanam has served as Faculty Director of the Executive MBA program at Santa Clara University, a visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, a guest faculty in the Stanford Executive MMP program, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of SpinCircuit, a provider of supply chain integration services to the electronics industry and served on the Board of Directors for
He finds inspiration in Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit, expanding the boundaries to connect ideas, and organizations through the SCU Retail Management Institute's retail study students and transformative programming. He is committed to discovery through the blending of the retail and technology industries.
Professor Kalyanam received his Ph.D. in business administration from the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University.

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