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Admissions Snapshot

Contains the number of applicants, admitted students, enrolled students, acceptance rate, and yield

Last updated: February 9, 2018

Awards Conferred Icon

Awards Conferred

Contains data regarding the number of awards granted and the plans students completed

Last updated: March 19, 2018

Enrollment Icon

Enrollment Visualization

Contains data regarding students enrolled and the full-time equivalency (FTE)

Last updated: March 19, 2018

The Common Data Set (CDS) initiative is a collaborative effort among the higher education community and publishers as represented by the College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News & World Report. The goal is to improve the quality and accuracy of information, as well as to reduce the reporting burden on data providers.

Fall Census Reporting

Compiled CDS All Years


Faculty Icon

Faculty Visualization

Contains data regarding the number of faculty members at Santa Clara University

Last updated: February 1, 2018

Summary Snapshot Icon

Summary Snapshot

Contains summarized data regarding enrollment, awards conferred, class, and faculty for the university

Last updated: March 15, 2018