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External Agency Surveys

The Office of Institutional Research responds to a number of External Agency surveys on a recurring basis.  The current list of annual commitments is provided.
Survey Results Completion Month
AAUP Faculty   January
ACT Graduate/ Professional School   April
ACT IDQ   March
AJCU Fact Files AJCU Fact Files October
ASEE ASEE December
ATS   September
BusinessWeek Undergraduate BusinessWeek Undergraduate February
Catholic Colleges of Distinction Catholic Colleges of Distinction April
CEFA Bond   October
CGS-GRE   February
CollegeBoard CollegeBoard December
Common Data Set   November
CUPA Contingent Faculty   December
CUPA National Faculty Salary   December
Fiske Guide   April
Graduate Guide   May
HERI College Senior Survey    
HERI Freshman Survey    
Hobsons (Common App)
IPEDS- 12 Month Enrollment IPEDS-12 Month Enrollment October
IPEDS - Academic Outcomes IPEDS - Academic Outcomes April
IPEDS - Admissions IPEDS - Admissions February
IPEDS- Completions IPEDS- Completions October
IPEDS- Fall Enrollment IPEDS- Fall Enrollment April
IPEDS- Finance IPEDS- Finance April
IPEDS- Financial Aid IPEDS- Financial Aid February
IPEDS- Graduation Rates IPEDS- Graduation Rates April
IPEDS- Graduation Rates 200% IPEDS-Graduation Rates 200% July
IPEDS- Human Resources IPEDS- Human Resources February
IPEDS - Outcome Measures IPEDS - Outcome Measures February
Kiplinger   October
Merritt Research Services   December
Noodle   September
Open Doors- International Student Census
Open Doors- Study Abroad   May
Peterson's Graduate Peterson's Graduate May
Peterson's Undergraduate   February
Princeton Review Princeton Review February
Princeton Review- Entrepreneurship   June
Program Review   March
US News- Best Graduate- Business School Business School December
US News- Best Graduate- Engineering School Engineering School December
US News- Best Graduate- Law School Law School December
US News- Finance   April
US News- Financial Aid   April
US News- Main US News Main April
WASC Annual Report   April


*Some internal surveys are included.

**Please note that the Completion Month may fluctuate from year to year.