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Academic Technology

Camino Faculty Summer 2017 Workshops

Take some time this summer to integrate the Camino learning management system more fully into your courses. 


June:  Friday, 6/23; Thursday, 6/29

July:  Thursday, 7/6; Tuesday, 7/25; Friday, 7/28

August:  Thursday, 8/10; Monday, 8/21; Wednesday, 8/30; Thursday, 8/31

September:  Tuesday, 9/5; Wednesday, 9/6; and Module 1 only Monday - Friday, 9/11 - 9/15

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We are offering workshops throughout the summer on all aspects of using Camino to more fully engage your students:

  • enhance student understanding and build community through threaded discussion
  • ​auto generate groups and ​create space for collaboration on projects
  • ​incorporate peer review​
  • post course reading materials, links to audio or video lectures, PPTs, assignments and resources online
  • use online drop boxes to receive assignments and grade directly from your rubrics
  • add text, audio, and video feedback on student work 
  • assessments
  • build a grade book use speed grader​
  • and more…

Workshops will be held in the Learning Commons, Faculty Development Lab (Room 142) - please sign up to attend all three modules in a single day, or choose to attend on different dates throughout the summer.

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9:30-10:50 am - Module 1 (Beginner): Creating a Social Learning Space

  • Introduction
  • Personal Settings: Profile, picture, notification preferences (Global Setting)
    • Hands-on: Create your Camino Profile
  • Interface overview: Course vs. personal settings
  • Course Settings: Dates, Navigation, Publishing, More options
  • Conversations (email)
  • Announcements
  • Discussion Forums: using video tool and audio
    • Hands-on: Reply to Introductions Discussion Forum 
  • Settings: Import a course / content
  • Student view
  • Where to get help: online, face-to-face

11:00-12:30 pm - Assignments and Grading  

  • Modules basics: Add a file, organize, publish
  • Inserting from the links / files / images tabs
  • Syllabus: Add and edit
  • Basic home page setup (insert image and welcome text, short course intro)
  • Files - uploading, deleting vs. drag and drop
  • Pages / Rich Content Editor - remove formatting and links
    • Hands-on: Create a Welcome Page - image, welcome, heading, short course intro video 
  • Assignments- Graded and Non-graded, due dates, available from and until, Using Turnit-in, URL, restricting file types, etc.
  • Course Analytics and student analytics

12:30 - 1:30 - Break for lunch

1:30-3:00 pm - Power Users - Assessment & Teaching Presence (ADVANCED)

  • Assignment groups - Weight your graded assignment
  • Speedgrader
  • Gradebook, Mute an assignment, letter grade, percent, points, letter
  • Group projects (include SpeedGrader) and Group Discussion forums
    • Hands-on: Create a Group Set 
  • People: Add and delete students
  • Assignments with Peer Review
    • Hands-on: Complete an Assignment, add a Review 
  • Scheduler
  • Rubrics + outcomes button
    • Hands-on: Create a simple Rubric 
  • Quizzes / Surveys and analytics
    • Hands-on:
      • Complete a quiz 
      • Create a module and add a quiz 
      • Create an assignment for uploading a paper, graded with due date 


​For ongoing Camino support, please contact our Instructional Technology Team: