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Camino Faculty Summer Workshops

Take some time this summer to integrate the Camino learning management system more fully into your courses. 

Dates for Camino Basics, Course Design, and Assignments and Grading:

June:  Tuesday, 6/19; Friday, 6/23; Thursday, 6/29

July:  Monday, 7/2; Wednesday, 7/25; Friday, 7/27, Tuesday, 7/31

August:  Thursday, 8/2; Tuesday, 8/21; Wednesday, 8/22; Monday, 8/27; Wednesday, 8/29; Thursday, 8/30

September:  Tuesday, 9/4; Wednesday, 9/5; and Module 1 and 2 only Monday, 9/10, Wednesday, 9/12, and 9/14

Dates for Camino Quizzes:

August:  Thursday, 8/23; Tuesday, 8/28

September:  Tuesday, 9/11; Thursday, 9/13


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We are offering workshops throughout the summer on all aspects of using Camino to more fully engage your students:

  • enhance student understanding and build community through threaded discussion
  • ​auto generate groups and ​create space for collaboration on projects
  • ​incorporate peer review​
  • post course reading materials, links to audio or video lectures, PPTs, assignments and resources online
  • use online drop boxes to receive assignments and grade directly from your rubrics
  • add text, audio, and video feedback on student work 
  • assessments
  • build a grade book use speed grader​
  • and more…

Workshops will be held in the Learning Commons, Faculty Development Lab (Room 142) - please sign up to attend multiple modules in a single day, or choose to attend on different dates throughout the summer.

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Camino Basics (80 minutes)
In this introductory workshop, participants will receive a beginner’s guide to Camino, Santa Clara University’s learning management system. Participants will learn the basics, such as: how to log in, access courses, communicate with students, and organize resources in Modules.

  • Camino in Context
  • Interface Overview
  • Personal Settings
  • Course Settings
  • Communication
  • Home Page
  • Syllabus
  • Assignment Basics
  • Modules Basics
  • Getting Help

Course Design (50 minutes)
In this workshop participants will learn how to structure their Camino course content to augment their face-to-face course. Points of emphasis include: using modules to sequentially structure course materials, creating pages for course content, and embedding Google materials on your Camino course.

Note: Placeholder materials will be available in the workshop, but it will be more efficient if you bring your own materials on a flash drive.

  • Modules
  • Pages
  • Google Integration with Canvas
  • Build One Module for Your Own Course

Assignments & Grading (50 minutes)
In this workshop participants will learn how to create, grade, and give feedback on a variety of assignment types. Points of emphasis will be: choosing the appropriate assignment settings, grading student work in SpeedGrader, and optimizing the grade book.

  • Assignments
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Group Assignments
  • Peer Reviews
  • Grading process
  • Gradebook
  • Assignment Groups / Weighted Grades

Quizzes (50 minutes)
In this workshop participants will learn how to create, moderate, and grade quizzes on Camino.

Learn the basics needed to start using quizzes and surveys in your Canvas course during this hands-on workshop. Points of emphasis include: making various question types, creating question banks, and interpreting quiz results.

  • Complete a Camino Quiz
  • Quiz Creation
  • Various Question Types
  • Question Groups
  • Question Banks
  • Grading Quizzes
  • Moderating Quizzes

​For ongoing Camino support, please contact our Instructional Technology Team - Jeremy Kemp, Brian Larkin, and Christina Ri


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