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Academic Technology

2022-2023 Faculty Workshops

Academic Technology regularly holds workshops to help faculty better integreate technology with their teaching. These workshops will focus on making in-person, hybrid, and online classes as engaging as possible for faculty-student interaction and student-student interaction using the resources and tools available at Santa Clara.

Summer 2022 Teaching and Technology Workshops

The movement between in-person and remote teaching, as well as the ongoing integration of educational technology into SCU classrooms, showed us how effectively faculty leveraged digital tools to improve student learning. To support your ongoing innovations, the Instructional Technology team will offer the Summer Workshop Series listed below. You will walk away with a deliverable (for example: a video, an assignment plan, etc.) that you can implement in upcoming courses.

In addition to these workshops, the Instructional Technology team will also offer four Camino workshops and individual consultations on instructional tools. There are Google Workshops and Zoom training sessions available as well. We hope you’ll join us for one or all! 

View the calendar to sign up! 

Some workshops will be held in-person in the Learning Commons, and others will be facilitated via Zoom in July and August. Remote workshops include asynchronous content that faculty will work on between live sessions, and we will hold virtual lab time for you to work directly with the Instructional Technology team for individual support. All workshops will be co-facilitated by the Instructional Technology team and faculty. For successful completion of the workshop, participants will submit a final deliverable (e.g. videos, teaching plans, revised documents, etc.) for use in their 2022-2023 courses. 


Each workshop is offered multiple times throughout the summer. View the schedule on the calendar.

Supplemental Pay
Faculty of all appointment types may receive a supplemental $250 stipend for every successfully completed Teaching and Technology workshop (no supplemental salary is available for Camino, Google Workspace, or Zoom workshops). QALs/SALs can only receive stipends for workshops undertaken during periods of active employment.

Workshop Descriptions 

It's On the Syllabus! How to Create Compelling, Multimedia-infused Visual Syllabi

Your syllabus can become a site of creativity and connection with students that is fun to draft and to read. Using inclusive course strategies, basic design principles, and a few simple tools, you will create a visually intuitive, unique syllabus that helps students find the information they need more easily. We will use Canva to create enhanced syllabi featuring graphics, hyperlinks, and layouts that make sense for you and your students. 

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Create student-centered syllabus content
  • Build a clear and user-friendly map of your course
  • Express course values and desire to engage with students using visuals
  • Convey essential information through effective layout and design
  • Enjoy crafting a syllabus that is interesting and creative 

Flipping Your Classroom

In this workshop, you will learn how to flip an upcoming class, bringing your lecture content and learning content outside the classroom to enable you to foster an active learning environment. Topics to be covered include: planning, recording, and editing lectures, gathering learning materials for online engagement, using Camino quizzes for knowledge checks to ensure student learning, building Camino courses that support flipped classrooms, and planning active learning strategies for your live sessions. Offered in-person only.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate existing course and identify content/meetings that can be flipped
  • Develop a plan for active learning 
  • Create a plan for flipping an upcoming course
  • Identify the best tools for creating content 
  • Produce lecture content and learning materials 
  • Use Camino to check your students’ learning 
  • Use Camino to support online content, active learning, and assessment

Video for Teaching

In this workshop you will create your own videos and provide students opportunities to create multimedia. We’ll explore Zoom and Camino’s built in media tools for building community and assessment, as well as VoiceThread for asynchronous discussions. Offered in-person only.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:  

  • Design dynamic media to support more engaged learning
  • Guide students to add their own media in discussions
  • Use campus video production resources to create videos
  • Use your own desktop equipment to create intro and explanatory videos
  • Use basic features of Zoom, Panopto, and Voicethread to encourage student-student interactions 

Inclusive Design: Course Creation with Digital Accessibility in Mind

Accessible course design does not have to be an afterthought. Inclusive design can open new paths for understanding course materials and engage all students regardless of life experiences, learning preferences, or ability. In this workshop, faculty members will evaluate their own teaching activities and resources through the lens of inclusive course design techniques. Find out how you can bring accessibility and equity to the forefront of course design, using digital tools in order to make a welcoming and lasting impression on all learners.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to: 

  • Improve the usability of Camino modules
  • Format and design accessible course documents.
  • Write an effective alternative text description for a visual
  • Learn about accessibility tools and features in Ally/Camino

Multimodal Student Projects

In this workshop, you will learn how to design, implement, and assess multimodal student projects. These projects—which may take such forms as videos, podcasts, digital exhibits, e-portfolios, or student blogs—allow students to creatively demonstrate their learning.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to: 

  • Incorporate multimodal assignments into the classroom 
  • Evaluate existing assignments to remediate
  • Identify fitting modalities 
  • Create an assignment plan
  • Assess multimodal assignments vis-á-vis learning objectives

Camino Workshops 

Camino Basics 

Learn the basics of Camino, SCU’s branded version of the Canvas Learning Management System. Topics include: how to log in, access courses, communicate with students, change your personal and course settings, upload a syllabus, and organize resources in Modules.

Camino Course Design 

Well-designed Camino courses enhance student engagement while helping you stay organized. Using modules, students can find documents, slides, and assignments all in one place. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to use modules to structure course content effectively. 

Camino Quizzes 

Learn how to create, moderate, and grade quizzes in Camino. Activities include learning how to make various question types, create question banks, and set up grading, and interpreting quiz result reports. 

Camino Gradebook 

Make full use of Camino’s grading features to manage grade visibility and execute complex grading processes. Participants will learn how to: set up their gradebook with a grade posting policy that matches their grading workflow, configure weighted grades, and show students where they can view instructor feedback.

Google Workspace Workshops

Google Forms - Setting up a Google Form to use in your Course

Google forms is a great tool to use in your class for a pre-class survey, a touch base survey, and more. In this course you will learn how to create, edit, and analyze surveys and data using Google Forms.

Gmail – Managing your SCU email

Do more than read and send emails. Gmail has an intuitive interface that affords a streamlined email experience. In this class, you’ll learn how to be efficient with email and utilize Gmail’s features to take control of your email. It covers the many capabilities of Gmail, with an emphasis on labels, search tools, and filters.

Visit the SCU Technology Training website and their full training calendar for other Gmail and Google Workspace (Slides, Forms, etc) sessions, as well as available Office Hours.

Zoom Workshops

Click here (or email to register for a one-on-one training session! Learn about the basics of using Zoom for video conferencing with students, how to set up Zoom meetings, how to setup breakout rooms for students to interact with each other, and how to record lectures so that they automatically appear in the Class Recordings tab on Camino.

Instructional Technology Consulations 

60-minute individual consultation with Instructional Technology staff or experienced faculty are available. Email to request to schedule a session to have your specific questions answered about technology and to get help with digital content, resources, and assignments. 


If you have any questions about the workshops or instructional technology support in general, please contact the Instructional Technology team: Colin Justin, Eric Haynie, Jeremy Kemp or

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