Network outage update - November 28, 2015

As of late afternoon on November 28, 95% of the network is up and running.  Major systems such as eCampus, Camino, the Library's systems, and Digication are all functional.  
We are currently troubleshooting four issues and we will continue to work on these issues until they are resolved:
1) MGate server -- This is a mail relay server that is used for sending bulk emails and for password self-service resets.
2) BBMS -- This provides merchant services for Blackbaud.
3) Benson Kiosk -- This is a kiosk located in Benson that students use to put money onto Access Cards or order food.
4) CashNet -- This system is used by students to pay tuition and fees from eCampus.
We enlisted key members of our user community to verify that our critical systems were all functioning.  However, there is always a chance that something got missed.  If you attempt to use a network service and it doesn't work (other than the four listed above), please let us know immediately.  You can email us or you can call the Technology Help Desk at 408-554-5700.
I wish to thank the members of my staff who have been working since 6:00 AM this morning to upgrade our network.
Finally, thanks to all of you for your continuing patience and support as we implement our new state-of-the-art network.