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Advanced Phishing Attack on Google Users

Hackers are targeting Google users' passwords in a new advanced phishing scheme that is difficult to detect and block.

Recently, hackers have been targetting Google users' passwords in an advanced phishing scheme. If you receive an email from Google, please make sure it is legitimate. The scam starts with an email from "Google" with "Mail Notice" or "Lookout Notice" as the subject. 

The email reads: "This is a reminder that your email will be locked out in 24 hours, due to not being able to increase your email storage quota. Go to the INSTANT INCREASE to increase your Email storage automatically" (go to this blog post to see the email screenshot).

If the user clicks on the INSTANT INCREASE link, the user gets redirected to a fake Google login page (see image in this blog post) where the user is then prompted to put in their credentials. Once the hackers get this information, they will have access to the victim's emails, Google documents, Google Play, Google+, etc. 

People who are using the Google Chrome browser are at risk, as well as Firefox Mozilla users.

Please visit this website for more information:


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