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Faculty & Staff Cybersecurity Training

Details and instructions on SCU's Cybersecurity Training platform

Santa Clara University requires faculty & staff to complete Cybersecurity Training annually in order to comply with federal regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), which applies to SCU because of our financial aid transactions. The Safeguards rule (part of GLBA) requires that we evaluate the risk to our systems, put in place controls that reasonably address those risks, and that employee training must be considered as one of those risk controls.

Access Instructions:

CLICK HERE to access the Cybersecurity Training. You will log in with your SCU account. 

Once you've logged into the training platform, you'll see a landing page which lists your current assignment on top; this assignment consists of 8 modules. Additional modules, which are optional, is listed underneith the assignment. Click on the Start Assignment button to begin. 

webpage with training assignment listed

You do not have to finish the training in one sitting. There is no pause or save button, but if you close the window, the system will remember where you left off. When you come back through the portal, you'll be able to resume (The button will change to Continue Assignment).

resuming an assignment later

You can change the language by clicking on the "LANGUAGE" button on the top right of the training window.

At the end of the assignment, you will see your score, which is not shared with anyone. You can close the window to exit. You're able to come back to the training platform at anytime during the year to take the optional training modules.