Student Email and Data Retention Policy

Copyrighted Material

Do not store files containing copyrighted material on University servers. Any file determined to have copyright that the University does not have permission, license or ownership of that is stored on University servers will be removed at any time without notice. This includes files that you as an individual may own copyright, license or permission for.

Retention of Files and Messages

Email messages, appointments, tasks and notes are automatically removed from the system when they become 250 days old. Due to physical disk storage constraints; messages and files may be removed from the system prior to 250 days to allow the system to continue to operate. To maintain a sufficient amount of operating disk space available on the servers, email and file storage will be purged periodically based on creation date. We make every attempt to maintain a minimum of 1 academic quarter worth (based on date) of Email and file storage. The purging of files and messages will not be announced unless we are unable to maintain the minimum of 1 academic quarters worth.

Archival of Files and Messages

The University Email system is a communication system and is not a storage or archival system. Messages in the system are of a temporary nature and the University does not perform any archival of these messages. It is the individual's responsibility to archive any messages that he/she wishes to permanently maintain by printing, exporting or archiving.

Music, Video and Multimedia Files

Storing of video, music and multimedia files on shared server resources is inappropriate regardless of copyright. These files will be the first files removed whenever there is a disk space shortage.

Jan 8, 2016