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Vice Provost and CIO

The University's Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the principal member of the University's executive team responsible for strategizing and implementing innovative uses of technology to strengthen the University's position as a leading institution of higher education.

Working in collaboration with faculty, key administrators and staff, they support a vision for leveraging technology to support student learning, enhance faculty teaching and research, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the University's operations.

The CIO reports to the Vice President of Finance and Administration and actively works with the Trustee Technology Committee.

They lead University efforts to leverage ties to Silicon Valley, to bring appropriate technologies to SCU, and to develop multifaceted partnerships with technology companies to create educational, research, and career opportunities for students and faculty. Their role in Santa Clara 2020, the University's Integrated Strategic Plan, is to help Santa Clara attain national prominence by cultivating an organizational capacity supportive of change that enables faster and more extensive adoption of technology.