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The Johnson Leadership Fellows

Johnson Fellow 2014 Ashley in Cambodia

Johnson Fellow 2014 Ashley in Cambodia

The 2014 Johnson Leadership Fellows


Micah Klaeser ’15

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Project: SkyPort–Addressing Impact of Poor Roads and Transportation on Healthcare in Rural Africa

“It cannot be overstated how unique and valuable an opportunity it is to be able to create and lead your own entrepreneurial organization as an undergraduate. For Santa Clara, I hope SkyPort can inspire a new standard for innovation, collaboration, and social mission among student projects.”


Ashleigh MacLean ’15

Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry
Project: The Effects of Distraction and Aging on Learning: Cognitive and Physiological Perspectives

“This project has helped me to grow as a leader and as an advocate for social justice, skills that will be invaluable to me as a future physician, patient advocate, and Scientist.”


Kyra McComas ’16

Major: Biochemistry 
Double Minor: History and Biology
Project: Physiochemical Features of Self-Associating Peptoids and Their Applications

“Being the youngest member of the research team has provided me with opportunities to become an efficacious leader as I take on the projects and discoveries of graduating seniors. I have been able to hone my leadership skills through experiences involving public speaking, effectual argumentation, logical reasoning, and organizing proficient collaboration with other scientists.”


Gina Pasquali ’15

Double Major: Religious Studies and Studio Art 
Project: Engaging and Nurturing Youth-to-Youth Leadership in El Salvador

“As a graduating senior, I will use this experience as a base-point from which I will inform other leadership positions I seek. From this experience, I learned how to apply leadership, especially in a complex context. I want to be a high school teacher someday, and see everything from this experience as applicable to achieving that goal.”


Ashley Thomson ’15

Double Major: Political Science and History
Project: Volunteering and Research: Cambodia

“I spent six weeks in July and August 2014 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. While there, I worked at a small human rights non-governmental organization and conducted research for my political science senior thesis. While there, I met many of the NGO’s clients and learned their stories in a very personal way that is absent in purely academic research.”


Nathalie Vu ’15

Major: Finance 
Double Minor: International Business and Entrepreneurship
Project: MACDI–Microfinance in Vietnam

“I was able to travel to Vietnam and work with Minh Thai, the founder and director of Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI). I chose to work with MACDI because of my interests in micro financing and my desire to give back to my home country.”

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