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Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Identity: Who We Are

The Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University is an international center of scholarly and ministerial formation, with a faculty and student body consisting of lay men and women, Jesuits, clergy, and members of other religious orders. We are rooted in the Catholic and Ignatian tradition and engage in ecumenical, interfaith, and intercultural dialogue through the Graduate Theological Union.



Our Mission: What We Do

The Jesuit School of Theology educates scholars and ministers to serve the Church and society by enlivening faith, promoting reconciliation, laboring for justice, and participating in God’s mercy. We bring theology into dialogue with communities, with their particular histories and cultures, serving people and learning from them in a spirit of solidarity.



Our Vision: Where We Want to Go

The Jesuit School of Theology will offer an integrative, interdisciplinary theological education, blending intellectual and spiritual formation, to empower students and faculty to respond concretely to the hopes and needs of God’s people.



Our Values: How We Learn and Serve Together

Depth: We commit ourselves to intellectual and spiritual depth in our scholarship, teaching, reflection, and service.

Accompaniment: We thoughtfully and reverently engage and listen to one another and the communities we serve, paying particular attention to people on the margins of Church and society.

Apostolic Audacity: With a generous spirit, we respond boldly and creatively as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ, internalizing the Gospel summons to justice as we strive to meet the needs and challenges of our Church and world today.

Prophetic Dialogue: In a politically, racially, ethnically, and religiously divided world, we choose encounter, not confrontation, fostering dialogue among different religions and peoples, across academic disciplines, and with cultural, civic, and business communities.

Collaboration: Recognizing that theology and ministry are collaborative endeavors, we labor together as faculty, staff, and students, and as Jesuits, lay persons, clergy, and members of other religious orders.

Global Perspective:  Serving a global Church, we value diversity of culture and thought and intentionally engage theologies and practices that arise in different cultural, ethnic, and religious contexts.

Generous Hospitality: We aspire to imitate the radical hospitality of the Gospel by welcoming people from all walks of life, especially those marginalized in our Church and society.

Discerning Community:  Seeking the freedom to love and serve more authentically, we utilize Ignatian discernment to respond to the call of discipleship and adapt to meet changing needs and circumstances.

Joyful Witness: Desiring to reflect the joy of the Gospel, we delight in our intellectual inquiry, companionship, and service.

Culture of Care: Grateful for all that God has entrusted to us, we reverence human beings and our common home in the natural world and wisely steward our material resources.