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Lay Intentional Community

Living in Lay Intentional Community at JST

JST offers students the opportunity to live in a lay intentional community. This is a living community of lay students whose independent studies and ministry experiences are enriched by gathering once a week for a shared meal as well as opportunities for reflection with members of their community throughout each semester. Each community member resides in her/his own bedroom and shares the kitchen and common areas along with various household responsibilities. Lay students who would like to live in this community during their graduate studies are required to complete an application and participate in an interview process with current community members. No pets are allowed.

Interviews for the lay community takes place in the spring of each year. Potential community members should consider the following questions:

  • How would you define intentional community, or what do you imagine the elements of intentional community to be?
  • Why would you like to live in an intentional community?
  • What could you contribute to an intentional community?
  • What would be potential challenges faced in intentional communities and how would you address these if you were a member of a community facing such challenges?
  • What are some expectations you have about living in community? 

Thoughtful, well-developed answers to these questions will help in the discernment of whether lay intentional community life is for you.

Jean Donovoan, or JDC, is JST's lay intentional community in Berkeley. Learn more about JDC here.