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Experts in such fields as Hispanic theology, Scripture, feminist thought, and spirituality, faculty at JST are also caring mentors whose goal is to aid each student's spiritual and professional development. They carry insights gleaned from their time training at prestigious universities and theological centers all over the world, including College of the Holy Cross, Institut Catholique in Paris, Loyola University, St. Louis University, University of California - Berkeley, and Vanderbilt University. They continue to conduct research in diverse fields relevant to theological study, and regularly publish new material. Below, learn more about the faculty members at JST.



  • Thomas  Cattoi, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of Christology and Cultures and Dwan Family Endowed Chair in Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogue

    Thomas Cattoi, Ph.D.
    Phone: (510) 549-5005

  • Julie Rubio, Ph.D.

    Professor of Christian Social Ethics

    Julie Rubio, Ph.D.

    Phone: (510) 549-5000

Adjunct Faculty

  • Amanda    Kaminski

    Adjunct Lecturer in Christian Spirituality Director of Academic Advising and Support Services

    Amanda Kaminski
    Phone: (510) 549-5023
    Office: 329

  • Olga  Louchakova-Schwartz

    Adjunct Lecturer in Spirituality and Phenomenology of Religion

    Olga Louchakova-Schwartz