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Degrees & Programs

  • iconMaster of Divinity (M.Div.)

    The M.Div. is a three-year academic and professional degree that meets the needs for both academic training and pastoral experience of those preparing for pastoral ministry in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. This degree is the ordinary course of theological education and training for those preparing for ordination to presbyteral ministry.
  • iconMaster of Arts (Common M.A.)

    The Common M.A. is an academic degree in cooperation with the nine members of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU). The M.A. student affiliates with a member school, chooses courses according to study interests and/or denominational ties. Students have access to courses offered throughout the consortium, and many courses at UC Berkeley. The purpose of the program is to provide a basic understanding of theological or religious studies for further graduate study or for general academic purposes.
  • iconCombined Master of Arts (M.A.)/Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

    Qualified students may enroll jointly in the Master of Arts / Master of Divinity program offered through JST-SCU and the Graduate Theological Union (GTU).
  • iconMaster of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

    The M.T.S. degree is a two year program designed to provide the student with a broad theological education and an opportunity to concentrate in subjects which have in creasing importance in the future evolution of the Church. The program educates students to be theologically literate in the scriptures, the history and contemporary reflection upon doctrine, and the ethical consequences of that doctrine.
  • iconMaster of Theology (Th.M.)

    The Th.M. degree is a one-year program in advanced theological study beyond the Master of Divinity degree, and is available in almost any area of specialized interest. Theological specializations can be developed in relation to sociology, psychology, education, the arts, and the religions and anthropology of most of the major cultures of the world.
  • iconBachelor of Sacred Theology (S.T.B.)

    The S.T.B. is a four-year Roman Catholic ecclesiastical degree, which ensures a solid grounding in the whole of the Catholic doctrine. It aims to develop a solid knowledge of theology, a method of doing theological research, a personal synthesis of theology and a committed insight into the Mystery of Christ and the guiding presence of His Spirit in the history of Salvation. As an enhancement of the M.Div. program, it has additional requirements.
  • iconLicentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.)

    The S.T.L. is a two-year Roman Catholic ecclesiastical degree in advanced theological study. The Licentiate is meant to further theological expertise for service in official capacities in religious communities and dioceses, and for teaching in higher education, diocesan schools and seminaries.
  • iconDoctor of Sacred Theology (S.T.D.)

    The S.T.D. is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical degree. The doctorate is meant to complete scientific theological formation, especially through the writing of a doctoral dissertation, to foster broad knowledge of the discipline and to demonstrate original research with critical knowledge of theological method. All work for the S.T.D. must be completed within five calendar years from the date of the first registration in the program.
  • iconMaster of Arts and Master of Arts in Biblical Languages (MABL)

    These academic degrees in theology are granted jointly by JST-SCU and the GTU.  For further information, please contact the JST-SCU Enrollment Management Office.
  • iconAffiliation of GTU Doctoral Students with JST-SCU

    Although the PhD and ThD programs are offered by the Graduate Theological Union (GTU), students admitted to these programs are welcome to apply for affiliation with JST-SCU. Affiliation does not affect any academic requirements, which are the sole responsibility of the GTU Core Doctoral Faculty acting as a body, and the degree is granted by the GTU only. Affiliated doctoral students are encouraged to participate in the liturgical and social life of JST-SCU. For further information, please contact the JST-SCU Enrollment Management Office.
  • iconInstituto Hispano

    The Hispanic Summer Institute leads to the Certificate in Continuing Education in Hispanic Theological and Pastoral Studies
  • iconNew Directions Sabbatical

    A flexible and individually designed sabbatical program for men and women who are looking for relaxation, pastoral renewal and theological exploration. Participants have the option of attending one or two semesters. The offered courses allow students to explore particular interests, and the option of auditing classes is available if one prefers.
  • iconNon-Degree Program (Special Student Status)

    Recommended for persons who have as their primary objective an unstructured period for general theological renewal or pastoral training. It is recommended for persons who want to undertake some graduate theological study, but are not certain that they want to enroll in a formal degree program.
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