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To apply to the JST Renewal Program, please provide:

  1. Submitted and completed Renewal Program Application. Click here to access the application.

  2. Résumé or curriculum vitae. Applicants are required to upload a résumé or curriculum vitae to provide information about relevant job experience and education into the application portal. Your résumé should include educational background and relevant experiences, including jobs, internships, community service, activities, languages (if applicable), and research projects. Please include dates of attendance for education, job titles, and years of employment. You may submit your résumé or curriculum vitae with your application on the online portal.

  3. Statement of Purpose Applicant for the JST Renewal Program: A Sabbatical Experience Program are asked to submit a 750 word autobiographical statement emphasizing your personal development, including why you see the Renewal program as helpful for you and your future ministry.  You may submit this through the online application portal.

  4. Unofficial Transcripts. Renewal Program applicants are required to upload unofficial copies of transcripts documenting either: 1) an undergraduate/graduate degree in theology; or 2) the most recent degree they have earned; or 3) an undergraduate degree of any kind. Transcripts must: 1) list all of the courses you took as a student; 2) list the grade the student received for each course; and 3) indicate whether an academic degree has been awarded. All transcripts must be in English or accompanied by an English translation provided directly from the school or a certified transcript evaluation service.

    Note: Sabbaticants who are admitted will be required to provide official transcripts verifying the authenticity of all unofficial transcripts submitted in the application process. Instructions for submitting official transcripts will be provided after applicants receive an admission decision. Any discrepancy between the uploaded transcript and the official transcript, or failure to submit official transcripts, may result in any of the following: 1) an applicant's admission offer may be withdrawn; 2) a registration hold may be placed on a matriculated student's account; 3) a matriculated student may be withdrawn from their program.

  5. Letters of recommendation. Applicants will need to submit one letters of recommendation. Vowed religious will be required to submit a second letter of recommendation from their religious superior indicating congregational support. Applicants will submit the name and contact information for their recommender(s) who will be sent an email with instructions and a link to the recommendation form where they will be prompted to upload a letter of recommendation.

    Letters must be from persons who know you well. The letters will give an opinion of your academic and personal suitability for the sabbatical program.

  6. International Applicants: Language Proficiency Exam. International applicants are required to demonstrate a high degree of English language proficiency. To do so, applicants must submit results from either the Duolingo English Test or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

    Duolingo English Test - When prompted to identify which institution you would like your score sent to please select “Santa Clara University Graduate Programs.”

    TOEFL - When prompted to identify which institution you would like your score sent to please use Santa Clara University’s institutional code: 4851.

    International applicants may apply to have their language proficiency requirement waived if they meet one of the standards provided by Santa Clara University. Applicants will be prompted to apply for the waiver in the online application portal.

Application Deadlines:

International Students: Due to the time it takes to process visas, J-1 students must apply for the fall semester by May 15, and for the spring semester by September 15.

Domestic Students: Application deadlines for domestic students are July 15 to begin in the fall semester; and December 15 to begin in the spring semester.


“There was quiet time for prayer and reflection, and planning for next steps in ministry.”
—Rev. Tony McGuire
San Mateo, California
Carrie Rehak

Carrie Rehak

Director of the JST Renewal Program
Phone: (510) 549-5046
Office: Room 104