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The Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University (JST-SCU) has a long history of offering quality, holistic renewal/sabbatical programs that are open to members of religious orders, diocesan clergy, and lay people. The Renewal Program began in 1973 as the Institute for Spirituality and Worship. At inception, the program focused on liturgical and spiritual renewal in response to post-Vatican II ecclesial needs. In 2000, the program was redesigned to meet applicants’ interest in a more flexible model, and it was renamed New Directions. The latest redesign, the Renewal Program, commenced in August of 2017. This new offering responds to the changing needs of church and world in the globalized twenty-first century. It offers participants a rich variety of options for them to design their own sabbatical. Within a minimal structure, it offers maximum flexibility.

For a more detailed description of the program's history and its tradition, you may view a PDF copy of the Program History.


“During my time in Berkeley grace came knocking at my door and I was ready to let her in.”
—Derek Laverty, SSCC
London, England
Carrie Rehak

Carrie Rehak

Director of the JST Renewal Program
Phone: (510) 549-5046
Office: Room 104