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Combined Master of Divinity/ Master of Arts (M.Div./ M.A.)


The Combined Master of Divinity/Master of Arts degree program offered by the Jesuit School of Theology in cooperation with the Graduate Theological Union. It is a program that allows students to integrate a primarily ministerial degree with a more specialized academic degree program. The Master of Divinity degree program provides a strong theological foundation with the goal of preparing students for ministry and leadership in the Roman Catholic Church. The Master of Arts is an academic degree which requires students to determine an area of concentration and submit a thesis.

Applying to the Combined M.Div./M.A. Degree Program

Students who elect to do a Combined M.Div./M.A. program must formally apply to each program separately, indicating the intent to pursue a Combined M.Div./M.A. degree program on both applications. Most program participants apply to the JST Master of Divinity degree program first. After the completion of the first year of M.Div. studies, students would then apply for the JST/GTU M.A. degree program.

Degree Objectives

The Jesuit School's Combined M.Div./M.A. degree program is designed to enable graduates to...

  • gain a basic understanding of theological or religious studies for further graduate study or for general academic purposes.
  • gain a broad theological foundation and hone it in light of assuming leadership roles within the church.
  • develop a critical fidelity to the Roman Catholic tradition, in service of the faith that does justice.
  • recognize the interplay between faith and culture in addressing theological and pastoral issues that emerge in diverse cultural contexts.
  • develop a professional ministerial identity, which values collaborative leadership and shows commitment to ministerial ethics.
  • grow and deepen in their relationship with God and in community, cultivating a spirituality that will sustain them in professional ministry.

Degree Requirements

The demands of the two degree programs combined will determine the total time required to complete the Combined M.Div./M.A. program. However, the program must be completed in no less than a total of four academic years. The student may transfer no more than half of the credits required for one degree into the other; and no more than half of the credits required may be granted based on transfer credit. This means that the JST/GTU Combined M.Div./M.A. degree program allows a student to count up to 24 units total toward both degree programs.

Specific information including credit distribution for course work, information about advanced standing, and specific degree requirements for the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts degree programs can be found by following the links below.

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