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Classes and Wednesday Gatherings

The Renewal Program is for personal and professional renewal of those engaged in ministry. At the beginning of the semester, you will meet with the Program Director, who serves as your advisor for choosing classes. He will guide you through the registration process.

Most participants choose to “audit” their classes. “Audit” means that you attend class, do the readings, and participate in discussions, but you do not have to take tests or write papers. You can take up to six academic units (whether 3 unit or 1 unit courses) for personal and professional enrichment, not for an academic grade. No tests, no papers, no pressure!

Renewal Program participants have the opportunity to choose their classes from more than 100 course offerings through the Graduate Theological Union (GTU). Past students have taken courses at the Pacific School of Religion, the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, and other member schools. See also the Bridge Courses (for 1 unit) offered at JST. 

For a list of GTU member school please visit GTU member schools.

For a searchable list of GTU courses, by semester, please go to this GTU course list.

Renewal Program participants gather each Wednesday for activities that engage the core of “renewal.” Our gatherings will vary and include the following: time for reflection on how the time of renewal is unfolding, opportunities to pray together, discussions with JST faculty for updating on an area of their expertise, trips to places of interest, and workshops focused on personal development.


“I have dined on fine lectures and rich conversations between science and theology with stimulating people whose work I will follow.”
—Mary Bilderback, RSM
Long Island, New York
Carrie Rehak image

Carrie Rehak

Director of the JST Renewal Program & Field Education Supervisor
Phone: (510) 549-5046
Office: Room 104