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Articles about Past Immersion Experiences

  • A common word: An interfaith experience of Islam

    Anh Tran, S.J. reflects on the 2014 Indonesia Intercultural Immersion

    “Dialogue is not simply learning about religious traditions but allowing this learning to form us from within our own tradition in ways that witness to the need for our communities to be transformed.” Reprinted with the permission of the Jesuit Asia Pacific Conference

  • "Are you trying to be a prophet or something?"

    MDiv '10 alumnus Matt Petrich reflects on his 2009 Nepal immersion experience

    Not many things spark such interesting conversation as when you tell someone you study theology. People always want to know what a layperson will do with such a degree. This is why I was not surprised in the least when a conversation with a man at the Oakland bus stop outside my house focused on the life of a theology student. I was standing beside my huge suitcase packed with the essentials for my January trip to Nepal, and during the long wait for the bus he finally asked me where I was going. “Nepal. It’s in South Asia, north of India,” I explained, seeing the baffled look on his face. “Are you trying to be a prophet or something?” the man blurted out. “No…” I laughed nervously.

  • Stuffed Fish and Calamari for Breakfast

    Dr. Thomas Cattoi, Ph.D. reflects on his 2008 Indonesia Immersion experience.

    Professor Thomas Cattoi reports on the 2008 immersion trip to Indonesia, where the group engaged in interreligious dialogue and study with Muslim partners, in another colorful article, “Stuffed Fish and Calamari for Breakfast”.