WWA WTNA in Asia

Opening processionf for AMOR (Asian Meeting Of Religious) [Myanmar February 2017]
Since 2013 the networking on the ground in local communities inAsia belongs to the Women of Wisdom and Action. Theological contacts have been unfolded and the interest by religious sisters who hold post-graduate degrees to meet and support each other has grown. The support is as much personal as theological since they are especially interested in receiving inputs from a contextual theological perspective and share about their own experiences in ministry from a theological framework.

The local initiatives of the Women of Wisdom and Action that includes the Women Theological Network of Asia is organizing, yearly visits, encounters, workshops, lectures, retreats and conferences  for the local church across Asia. It is supporting communities in need of spiritual development, charismatic and constitutional questions and theological formation.

Some of these vibrant and theologically interesting conferences will take place in 2017. If you are interested in participating or finding out more please see the following:

Vietnam, August 2017 please contact hpham3@scu.edu

China, October 2017 please contact ellen.hess@comcast.net

Myanmar early November 2017 please contact jprinz@scu.edu

India late November 2017 please contact sjvalan@gmail.com