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Student Life and Formation Cluster Offices

Each of the three offices in the Student Life and Formation Cluster has a distinct role in furthering students’ formation.   The following is a delineation of the responsibilities of each office.

Student Life (Paul Kircher, Assistant Dean of Students)

Cultivates the community life of the school, including social gatherings and celebrations and co-curricular offerings such as Tuesday evening presentations and lectures;

Oversees the liturgical life of the school, as a central aspect of school community life and as a key dimension of formation;

Tends to student welfare, ensuring that students have access to university resources for their health and well-being in support of their learning goals. Coordinates with SCU offices in ensuring delivery of key student services, including student health insurance, disabilities resources, international student services, medical care and counseling services at the SCU Cowell Center;

Serves as liaison between students and administration, representing students’ needs among administrators, and communicating school policies to students;

Oversees the lay intentional living community as an important formation resource for lay students and as a vital presence within the fabric of school community life;

Oversees delivery of career advising to lay students; and

Tends to any issues of student conduct so as to uphold the values of the school community.

Ministerial Formation (Deborah Ross, Lecturer and Director of Ministerial Formation)

Teaches the first-year Integration Seminar, the second-year Integration Seminar, and oversees facilitation of second-year Theological Reflection groups;

Directs the Field Education program, supervises the Field Education Supervisor, and along with the Field Education Supervisor assesses students’ progress in ministerial formation;

Works with external field education site supervisors to assess students’ progress, provide training for the site supervisors, and monitor the quality of external supervision;

Facilitates annual retreat days for the M.Div. cohort groups;

Organizes workshops in professional development/ministerial formation (these workshops are open to students in all degree programs);

In coordination with the STD and STL program directors, co-leads the STD and STL Research practicums and facilitates theological reflection for students; and

Oversees administration and service placements required of students in STD and STL programs.

Spiritual Formation (George Murphy, S.J., Lecturer and Director of Spiritual Formation)

Oversees spiritual direction for students:  tends roster of spiritual directors and guides students in choosing a spiritual director;

Serves as spiritual director to students;

Organizes Lenten retreat in daily life;

Organizes Advent and Lenten retreat days;

Teaches courses in prayer and spiritual direction; and

Co-coordinates the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Daily Life (the 19th Annotation   retreat).