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JST Student Successes

The following theses and dissertations were presented and approved.

Doley, Sandra Slemp, MA, The U.S. Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogue: An Examination of the Documents from 1965 to 2015  (Fall 2016)

Kim, Kay Hyeon, STD, Rethinking Mission AD GENTES: The Missionary Identity of the Korean Missionary Society in the International Mission of the Korean Catholic Church (Fall 2016)

Wankar, Gabriel, STD, On Earth As It Is In Heaven: Church And Salvation In An African Theology Of Historical Reality (Fall 2016)

Farinto, Solomon, STD, Towards Developing a Yoruba Christian Soteriology through a Critical Reading of Gregory Palamas' Theology of Deification (Spring 2017)

Galvin, Garrett, STL, David's Successors: Kingship in the Old Testament (Spring 2017)

Hess, Ellen, STD, "WE'RE A BROKEN PEOPLE LIVING UNDER A LOADED GUN" Lyrics of Award Winning Pop Music as an Expression of Christian Spirituality: A Biblical-Theological Dialogue (Spring 2017)

Ng, Lawrence Yew Kim, STL, Active Self-Transcendence Within the Scientific Perspective of Emergence (Spring 2017)

Suico, Alfonso, STL/ThM, Appraising Religious Liberty in the Philippine Reproductive Health Debates (Spring 2017)

Tsunoda, Yuichi, STD, Personal and Cosmic Dimensions of the Hypostatic Union in Jesus Christ: Dialogue Between Christology and Buddha Body Theory in Shin Buddhism (Spring 2017)


Other student successes include:

Cecilia Titizano, PhD candidate, was awarded a Newhall Teaching Fellowship from the GTU to co-teach a course with Eduardo Fernandez, SJ in fall 2016.

Jeremy Dunford, MA candidate, presented a paper entitled “Teaching Creation and Evolution in a Catholic High School,” at the International Journal of Arts and Sciences (IJAS) annual conference in Freiburg, Germany in late November; .the AAAS grant was able to sponsor his work.

Lisa Cathelyn, Sr. Linh Chi Nguyen, Tim Sundrup, Elaina Polovick and Andrew Nguyen traveled to Vietnam with Hung Pham, SJ, to teach English to high school girls for six weeks in July.