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Getting Around the Bay Area

Public Transportation

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
This site provides maps, schedules and information about communities serviced by BART.  JST is about one mile from the Downtown Berkeley BART Station.

AC Transit
This site provides maps, schedules and other route information for the local bus service in East Bay.

This site provides maps, schedules, and other route information for public transit in San Francisco.

Clipper Card
The Clipper Card is an all-in-one transit card that can be used Muni, BART, AC Transit, VTA, SamTrans, Caltrain and Golden Gate Transit and Ferry.  It keeps track of any passes, discount tickets, ride books, and cash value that is loaded onto it. Just tap it on the Clipper logo as you enter the public transit vehicle or station, and it applies all applicable fares, discounts and transfer rules.  It is the easiest way to pay public transit fares.  You can add value to the card as you go, or you can set up your card to automatically reload whenever your pass expires or your cash balance falls below $10.

Bike and Car Rentals

Ford GoBike is a new bike rental service offered throughout the bay area. You can pick up a bike at one of several stations located in Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Oakland or Emeryville and return it at any other station for $3.00 a ride, $9.95 a day, or for an annual membership. Don’t forget to bring a helmet! You might consider buying one from the selected retailers that offer $10 off of helmets for Ford GoBike members. 

This site provides information on ZipCar, a car rental service, how it works, and how to become a member.  Click here to learn about how, as an SCU student, you can register for ZipCar for a reduced rate.