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Campus Safety

Important Numbers

Police and Fire Emergency: 911
Berkeley Police, Non-Emergency: (510) 644-6743
Berkeley Fire, Non-Emergency: (510) 644-6723
Suicide Prevention / Crisis Intervention: (510) 849-2212
Poison Control: 1 (800) 523-2222

Alert Systems

SCU Campus Alert and GTU-ALERTS are opt-in emergency notification systems available to all JST faculty, staff, and students. Alerts can be sent out via SMS Text Messaging, email and voice messages, as deemed necessary.

SCU Campus Alert

SCU Campus Alert is the primary means by which you will be notified in the event of an emergency that affects the JST campus and surrounding area. Some examples of the types of information you might receive in an emergency include: shelter in-place or evacuation order; campus closure for any reason; avoid a certain area of campus because of a localized emergency. When you enroll in Campus Alert, you will be asked to identify your campus location from a list of choices. Select "Jesuit School of Theology - Berkeley" to identify yourself to receive emergency messages intended for the JST campus. To enroll in SCU Campus Alert, login to Ecampus and select "Personal Portfolio" from "My Menu", then click the "SCU Campus Alert Information" link.

GTU-ALERTS Emergency Notification System

GTU-ALERTS is used to provide alerts in the event an immediate and life threatening event or other critical situation that affects all of the GTU member schools' campuses. Visit the link above for more information and to sign up for GTU-ALERTS.

Night Safety Services

UC Berkeley offers Night Safety Services available to GTU Students, including walk escorts and a night shuttle. Click here for more information about these services.

Annual Campus Fire and Safety Report

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